We Help Startups Take Their Next Steps.

Our team designed the mobile user experience for more than 280,000 web users of App Annie. Read how App Annie moved from web to mobile

We Deliver Design That Actually Works.

We’ve redesigned Tile’s onboarding to increase the amount of app users by over 60%. Read how to reduce onboarding drop-off

We Make Digital Brands Stand Out on the Market.

The Ramotion visual identity design team helps startups and multimillion-user brands evolve and maintain a common identity which binds products together. Read how to design an identity uniting a product line

We Develop Apps & Build Remote Teams.

Ramotion develops well-designed applications and helps clients to extend in-house teams with qualified developers. Read how we develop apps & build teams

Khoi Vinh

Principal Designer at Adobe

Ramotion is a rock solid design team.
They combine an innate instinct for good design with a keen understanding of real world business challenges—they also happen to produce wonderful, beautiful work. I’m a fan.

Aaron Marshall

CEO at Over™

Smart people + sophisticated processes + insatiable lust for creativity = spectacular products. And That's Ramotion.

Jerome Scholler

CTO, Tangible Play

Osmo contacted the Ramotion team early in development with very loose requirements. The team came up with a very creative approach. I was happily surprised how smooth the iterative process went afterward. I look forward to working with them again.

Matt Grantham

Product Designer at Bitstrips

We approached Ramotion after an exhaustive search for the best in app identity design and are very pleased with the results. The challenge was to evolve the Bitstrips brand while maintaining the core DNA and familiarity of our brand. Ramotion accomplished this with an upgraded logo and icon, but took it a step further by creating an extensible system providing instant brand recognition for new products. The successful launch of Bitmoji resulted in our shiny new icon being featured globally as a best new app, and as one of the Top 50 Apps of 2014 by Google in the Play Store.

Justin McAuley

CEO, iBright Studios

I was blown away by the quality. I think satisfied is an understatement. I’ve worked with so many designers, engineers and artists, and these guys were just incredible from a quality perspective, and they delivered incredible results.
From a logistical and communication perspective, they also delivered great value.

Sergei Shveidel

CEO at Octobird

I worked with a few people in the company, such as the manager, the sales manager, the head of design, and the designers, and now I work with the head of programmers. Everybody understands what to do and does it perfectly. I recommend them to friends.

Andre Marett

APAC / EEMA Lead at Brightstar

The Ramotion team provided incredible iPad app design and development work for us. I highly, highly recommend working with them if you ever have the opportunity.

Jason Pareti

CTO at Lucidiom Inc

We've been working with Ramotion on our iOS apps for the past two years, and we plan to continue working with them for a long time to come.
I highly recommend them! They're a great group, and we've been thoroughly satisfied with everything they've done with us — project management, interface design, development, QA, and app deployment.

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